How to easily troubleshooting client connections on Data Protection Advisor

In order to troubleshoot the connection between DPA and the target client we need to run a debug on the target. To do this in the DPA web GUI we navigate to the Inventory/Object Library, then select Applications tab, select the target (in this case an Avamar), and finally the click Data Collection.

Here we select the “Avamar Job Monitor” button and then the three dots to drop down to access the menu. Click on “Run in Debug”.

You can leave these settings at default for troubleshooting an installation of an Avamar.

Click the history button

You will have two new item that have a corresponding timestamp. In the below example I am showing a fail from a previous timestamp. As you can see from the non-selected “Failed” under the “Message” column it show that the password failed authentication. Selecting the “Success” displays a “Download” link to access the debug logs.

The download will give us two files to view.

When we view the log file it shows that the authentication failed.

This method is a great way to quickly find why your connection to the end point device, in the above example an Avamar, has failed.

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