How to stop login timeout on Avamar Administrator Console

The new Avamar 19.4 administrator console looks the same as some of the older versions, but you may notice that it has a tendency to timeout. The issue seems to be a setting missing in the mcclient.xml file on the users local computer. To solve the timeout issue we will need to edit this file using Notepad.

First let’s navigate to the folder located in the following directory. For convenience you can copy and paste the below into the address bar of Windows Explorer:


After you paste it just hit enter and it will auto-magicly change to the correct folder under your user profile.

From here we can right click on the mcclient.xml file and choose “Open with” and select Notepad.

Once opened you should see in there is already an entry in the file that needs to be edited. To make this easier we will use the “Find” tool. Select “Edit” and the top and choose “Find…”

Here we will make sure our setting are correct by placing a check in the “Wrap around” box if there is not already on there. Then in the “Find what:” you can copy the wording below and past it in:


Then click the “Find Next” box.

If you get results then you will just need to edit what you found and for those of us who got the below box we will need to add the entire line item.

The line item will need to be placed under other line items that begin with “<entry key=”. Copy the below and paste it in place similar to the picture shown.

<entry key="timeout_exit_minutes" value="999999999" />

As a little explanation, the value= that has a large number of nines can be any number you like. The number is your preference as to how many minutes it will take before in logs out of the Administrator console. I just tapped the nine key several times and that’s how long it will take before it times out.

Now you go to “File” and “Save” and then close the file. Next to verify, just login like normal to the Avamar console and it will now stay logged in until your predetermined time period expires. Pretty simple right?

Let me know if you have any questions of concerns.

2 thoughts on “How to stop login timeout on Avamar Administrator Console

    1. You’re Welcome. As a little bonus, you can stop timeout on the Avamar CLI by running:
      unset TMOUT
      Just be sure you close out your shell when finished so a bad actor can’t come in behind you.

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