How to fix Avamar not coming up after restart

How to fix Avamar not coming up after restart

I was troubleshooting an issue and thought that if I restarted the Avamar that it would be fixed. After it finished it didn’t come up and was worse then before because I couldn’t open anything. I looked into the CLI using Putty and ran the dpnctl status command to check everything.

From the output we can see that “MCS status: down” which is the mcserver. We now issue the –start command.

Here we see the “Startup Failed: Closing all connections to database. Server already started on port: 7778” error. This is caused by an old stalled MCS/Java PID that is still running on the server despite MCS down.

Now let’s login as superuser by issuing the su – command and entering the password.

Now enter the following netstat -tulpn |egrep “7778|Active|Proto” command verify the issue

In my case port 7778 is listening on 17143 (your “17143” will be different) Let’s enter in the command based on the number you get.

Now we need to manually kill the old MCS/Java PID

Let’s check again by reissuing the previous command

We now see the old Java process has stopped. Lets go back into admin with superuser privileged by issue the su – admin command and entering the superuser password.

Now enter the following ssh-agent bash and ssh-add ~/.ssh/admin_key commands

Now let’s start mcserver and the backup schedule by issuing the dpnctl start mcs,sched –verbose commands.

Now we will issue the dpnctl status to check that everything is now running.

We now have confirmation that everything is running and if we attempt to login to the Avamar console we will see that we can now access the Avamar!

Please comment below with any question! Thanks and see you next time!

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