Deploying Proxy in Avamar

Deploying Proxy in Avamar

Versions used are: Avamar 19.2

Deploying or redeploying a proxy in Avamar is one of those things that seem to happen multiple times while being an Avamar admin. Here I will take you through the process of deploying a proxy through the GUI.

The first thing I suggest is to create your own proxy domain. The domain is an Avamar domain and not the Active Directory domain. It defaults to /clients but I had created a /Proxies for mine. To create one you can go to the “Administration” tab of the main GUI.

Right click the name of the Avamar at the top of the “Account Management” tab and select “New Domain…”

Add the name of the new Domain and click “OK.”

You will see it added

Next you will need to decide on the name and IP you are going to use. The name can be whatever you like, but you should make it a name that resolves to DNS queries. So if you haven’t done so, go ahead and make a HostA record in DNS for the name and the IP you are going to give it.

Now to create the proxy we need to click on the “VMware” drop down and then “Proxy Deployment Manager”

Here you will need to select your vCenter if you have more than one and then click “Create Recommendation”

Now in some cases you will find that you don’t get a recommendation for a new proxy. When this happens you can right click a host that has resources to support the proxy and select “New Proxy.”

Here you will be at the same place you would have been if the recommendation had succeeded and we can configure the proxy. In this case I named it Proxy-01. The Domain needs to be /Proxies if you created the domain earlier. Give it the IP the name will resolve to in DNS. Select a Datastore it will be stored on and the Network will need to be the same network (VMWare Port Group if your Avamar is a VM or VLAN if it is physical) as your Avamar network. DNS is your DNS server IP. Gateway and subnet mask (if you don’t know ask your network guy).

Click “Save” and then “Apply” is will deploy your proxy to your vCenter.

You will get a Complete and you have a deployed proxy.

If you do not succeed, recheck all of your network setting. It should succeed when correct.

You should always validate your work. Sometimes the proxy is in vCenter but does not show up under the /Proxies domain. If this happens you will need to add it manually. To do this you need to be in the “Administration” view and right click the “Proxies” domain and choose “New Client.”

“Client Type” needs to be set to “VMware image Proxy,” add the proxy name, correct vCenter, and check the “Auto datastore mapping” to make sure the proxy will backup everything it can.

Check success. If your backup still fails then check the proxy itself. Open a console to the proxy. If you see the below you will need to activate the proxy. Type 1 to register the proxy with Avamar.

Type in the name of the Avamar server and then click enter on your keyboard. If you typed it correctly it will proceed and you will need to type the location in Avamar you want to store your proxies, in this case, you guessed it /Proxies and press enter. It will register with the Avamar server.

You are done!


If you have any connections issues with Avamar not being able to see a proxy, make sure DNS is working. You can ping the Avamar server by name and IP so validate connection. If IP works, but the name does not then you know it is DNS and you need to check your settings.

3 thoughts on “Deploying Proxy in Avamar

      1. Sorry for the late reply. Can you give me more information about what happened to get to this point?
        Did you lose your Avamar and you had to redeploy? The reason I ask is that if you have an Avamar and a Data Domain for storage, then the Avamar is lost, you would redeploy the Avamar and attempt to recover from a checkpoint.
        Now back when you first attach a Data Domain to the Avamar, when it was first deployed for the first time, it asks if you want to save the checkpoint on the Data Domain. It is a little checkbox that is not checked by default. If it is not checked, the checkpoints are stored on the Avamar. When you lose the Avamar you lose the checkpoint and the ability to access your backups. It is a complete disaster and your data is not recoverable.
        I have had this happen to me and my heart dropped. Luckily I had setup replication to another Data Domain in a remote location and I was able to recover.
        Let me know.

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