About Me

I got into IT because I loved the idea of technology. See I didn’t start here, this is my second career, but I am sure if your still here and you haven’t gone screaming from this site, then you have already viewed my work and know it can stand on its own. So maybe I didn’t start here, but I have made it my passion.

I began not knowing how to start, not realizing how vast a subject information technology was before I finally got started. Ultimately, I had broken it down to three major focuses 1. Programming (aka Coding), Database, and Infrastructure (Servers and Networking). I am a infrastructure guy.

I started with taking a class for Cisco Networking Academy while working blue collar. I sat for the exam Cisco Certified Network Technician (CCENT) and got it the second time, having never even been employed in IT at the time. The mere fact that I had any certification in IT landed me my first job, posted on of all places, Craigslist. I was a PC Technician and proud of it. I took everything I knew about breaking my own computer(s) and then learned what I should do to repair a computer.

While there I honed my skills and kept self-studying for the next certification. I got a CompTIA Network+, then a CompTIA Security+. I then found a job as a Tech 1 for an Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) for a fortune 500 global company. I kept studying and got my Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching.

The Department Of Defense requires a CompTIA Security+ to be employed as a contractor and that got me a Tech 3 Help-desk position. I moved up to a Network Engineer position still with the DoD and got my Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Security, my Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and my Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Server 2016.

I left there and got a job as a Server Administrator in the private sector. I then received my VMWare Certified Associate (VCA) Business Virtualization and my VMWare Certified Professional (VCP) Data Center. This got me promoted to Systems Engineer.

I tell you about this journey of mine because every time I changed employers, someone always told me what a waste of time it was to study for the next certification and all those colleagues were left behind while I got promoted or found a higher paying job. Every job has peers that will attempt to hold you down, but you have to ignore them and keep setting the goal to the next level. Certifications had turned me into a desirable future employee, and I used each position as though I was a sponge, taking it all in so that I could improve and leave the naysayers behind.