Avamar emailed failed backup

Versions used are: Avamar 19.2

Every morning I have a report sent to my email from Avamar that allows me to see things such as last nights failed backups. To set this up you can go into the Avamar GUI and select “Tools” at the top left.

Then go to “Manage Profiles…”

Select “Report_Email” and click “Edit”

I have mine set to daily emails

A lot of the settings are customizable to your perticular liking, but in this case we need failed backups. I primarily use the csv so I can view it in Excel.

Enter the email address you want to receive this notifications and click the + to add the address. You can then click “Send Email” to test your connection.

Every night around midnight Avamar will send out the report with attachments.

As you can see I have failed backups with error codes, in this case because of “pre-existing snapshots”

I will view the logs for these backups and show you how to remove orphaned files in VMWare that caused this issue at the link here.

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