Solved! How to lock all Avamar backups to Data Domain backend

By default, all new Avamar   Data Domain integrations allow client backup jobs to run to either the Avamar or Data Domain backend, and the following procedure can be used to change or reset that default behavior. 

Important: Once this is set or locked to Data Domain only, it cannot be unset without deeper qualification and help from professional service. 

Procedure to lock down an Avamar   Data Domain integration to only allow Data Domain backups:         

  1. Log in to the Avamar utility node command line SSH as user “admin” and load proper SSH keys.
  2. Change to directory:     
cd /usr/local/avamar/var/mc/server_data/prefs/
  1. Backup current mcserver.xml file:     
cp -p mcserver.xml x-mcserver.xml-YYYYMMDD

where YYYYMMDD is the current year, month and day

  1. Edit the file:     
vi mcserver.xml
  1. Search for the line similar to:      
<entry key="dd_only_mode" value="DATASET" />
  1. Modify the value to “ALL” so that the line now looks similar to:      
<entry key="dd_only_mode" value="ALL" />
  1. Save and exit file.
  2. Restart the MCS:     
dpnctl stop mcs
dpnctl start mcs
dpnctl start sched
  1. Verify all services are up and running with command:      
dpnctl status
  1. Take an MCS flush or backup: --flush
  1. If no errors or issues are seen in the flush command, log out of the command line.

Optionally: Log in to Avamar Administration GUI and run a test client backup job using any client, but with the backend storage specified as  Avamar  in the Advanced options. If this backup fails with an error, changes have been successfully accepted.

Additional Information


admin@avamarave1:/usr/local/avamar/var/mc/server_data/prefs/>: grep -i dd_only mcserver.xml
              <entry key="dd_only_mode" value="DATASET" />
              <entry key="dd_only_mode_plugin_exclusions" value="" />


admin@avamarave1:/usr/local/avamar/var/mc/server_data/prefs/>: grep "dd_only_mode" mcserver.xml
              <entry key="dd_only_mode" value="ALL" />
              <entry key="dd_only_mode_plugin_exclusions" value="" />

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