Using Netdom resetpwd to Fix Trust Relationship Failed without Reboot

Netdom is a utility that has been around since Windows Server 2008 and it can be installed on the client’s PC as a part of the RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) package. This method is fast and efficient. To use it, login to the target system with the local Administrator credentials, open the elevated cmd.exe prompt, and run the following command:

Netdom resetpwd /Server:DomainController /UserD:Administrator /PasswordD:Password
  • Server — the name of any domain controller;
  • UserD — username with domain admin or delegated privileges;
  • PasswordD — admin password.
Netdom resetpwd /Server:lon-dc01 /UserD:dsmith /PasswordD:Str0NGestP@$
domain trust relationship error

After the successful execution of this command, a reboot is not required. Just logout from a local account, and log in under domain credentials.

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