Avamar Installation Manager error

Local Downloader Service is either offline or not installed. I had this issue after an upgrade to my Avamar. It prevented me from accessing hotfixes and upgrades for Avamar.

To fix this issue we will need get into the Avamar CLI and test the “Local Downloader Service” or ldls. Below you can see after testing ldls it shows that it is “offline.” We will use the –start command to start ldls and verify that it is running.

admin@Avamar_Server:~/>: su - root
root@Avamar_Server:~/#: cd /etc/
root@Avamar_Server:/etc/#: cd init.d 
root@Avamar_Server:/etc/init.d/#: ldls.sh --test  
LDLS is offline
root@Avamar_Server:/etc/init.d/#: ldls.sh --start
Starting LDLS...
LDLS was started successfully
root@wca-avm-main:/etc/init.d/#: ldls.sh --test --verbose
LDLS is online

After going back to the Configuration page and refreshing it, we no longer have the error and the admin’s EMC login information is in its place.

We can check for new packages and see that it updated.

While we are in the CLI we can also look at what is the destination the ldls is looking for to find the latest downloads.

admin@Avamar_Server:~/>: grep -i "download_page" /usr/local/avamar/var/mc/server_data/prefs/mcserver.xml 
              <entry key="download_page" value="https://support.emc.com/downloads/793_Avamar-Virtual-Edition" />

We can now see the https: address that can be added to a firewall rule to allow traffic while we are downloading files from the “Available Package” section. I would suggest only leaving this rule in place temporarily while getting downloads only.

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