Data Domain failed login with DDBoost account

Data Domain failed login with DDBoost account

While troubleshooting an issue with Avamar not communicating with the Data Domain, I attempted to reset the password to the ddboost account through the GUI (Graphical User Interface) to validate the password was correct.

But after doing so I still could not login through the GUI with the ddboost account.

It seemed that even though the GUI accepted the password change, it didn’t actually change the password. This is an obvious flaw in the GUI as an error should have be presented when the change did not succeed. My thought was that maybe the password can’t be changed while the account is enabled. To validate this, I logged into the GUI using the Sysadmin account and attempted to disable the account, then I would attempt to change the password and then re-enable the account. When I attempted to disable the account it gave an error, “Can not disable ddboost user”

To get around the GUI I opened a CLI (Command Line Interface) session on the data domain using the Sysadmin account (or any admin account will work) and then I ran the “user disable ddboost” command.

user disable <ddboost_username>

This was successful at disabling the ddboost account. I then went back to the GUI and change the password to the ddboost account again. Also looking like it accepted the change like the time before.

I then went back to the CLI and ran the “user enable ddboost” command.

user enable <ddboost_username> 

Going back to the GUI to reattempt to login with the ddboost account and this time it allowed me to login, proving that it had in fact changed the password.

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